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Tuesday, 15 November 2016 09:55

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Monday, 06 February 2017 10:07


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Monday, 14 November 2016 13:43

Terms and conditions

Dear Valued Customer


Before we enter your premises - Please make sure that all valuables such as jewellery, watches cellphones, iPads, expensive shoes, liquor etc. are boxed and not in view. Although our guys are honest, this is to prevent temptation. Boxes must be numbered.


Although extreme caution is taken in the handling of your furniture we require you to bubble wrap / protect all glass, mirrors, frames, TV's, leather + fabric lounge suites and desks etc.


If you need to protect your new appliances, such as dishwasher, microwave, fridge, deep freezer, tumble dryer and washing machine then you must also bubble wrap / protect them to prevent scratches and dents.


We supply bubble wrap @ R 10.00 per metre which includes labour, or R 5.00 per metre labour if you have your own. Buff tape is R 20.00 for 100metre roll and used boxes @ R 15.00 each. Pallet / Shrink wrap @ R 250.00 for 400metre roll. SFK brown roll is R 15.00 per metre.


If you have any damages after the furniture / appliances are bubble wrapped / protected then we will take full responsibility and will have items repaired at our cost, but not for any broken glass, mirrors, picture frames or ceramics / crockery.




All boxes must be properly sealed lengthwise and breadthwise with buff tape and jewellery / expensive shoes / takkies / liquor and valuables must be taken in your vehicle. If buff tape is tampered with in transit please advise us immediately. Fragile boxes must be marked. We are not responsible for any crockery not packed by us.


Please check the truck out before the driver leaves so that you have peace of mind that everything is off loaded and we don't have any queries later.


If we are delayed by you because of load shedding or unavailability of lifts or whatever the case may be then we will charge you R 200.00 an hour which covers the overtime of my labour. The cost of stripping and assembling is between R 100.00 and R 200.00 per unit depending on the scope of work.


If a shuttle is needed due to height and weight restrictions or inaccessible driveways, this will cost plus minus R 1000.00 in and around Durban with driver or you can get your own. Out of Durban Shuttle rate is more, depending on area. Hoisting of furniture over walls and balconies is done entirely at owners own risk and the quote is given on request.




It is my condition that all staff is frisk searched by my driver / manager in your presence. I will not entertain any queries once my truck has left.


If you do not sign, we take it that you have read and accepted our terms and conditions.


Price: R_____________________


Conditions Accepted:






Many Thanks for your business

Hassim Ally


Find our banking details here

Sunday, 13 November 2016 12:11


Thursday, 27 October 2016 16:18

About Us


We do a lot of corporate work, the biggest mangocall centre where we moved computers, desks and furniture for over 300 employees in 4 days - which was a record. Thanks to the dedicated staff who are all personally trained by Hassim.


  • Labour do not come off the street but are employed full time and carry Identity documents at all times as this is a requirement at most gated estates.
  • Labour comes neatly attired in uniforms. Hassims Removals supply bubble wrap, boxes, buff tape pallet and SEK brown rolls.
  • Special care is taken in the handling of furniture. Goods in transit insurance is through Santam and our brokers being Kayser Baird and Associates.
  • Our quality of workmanship matches with the top 5 in the furniture removal industry but at the same time keeping our prices market related.
  • Storage is also offered to our clients in all areas.

The following is a list of some of our clients whom can be contacted for references:

Hess Bean: 084 550 5051

Sabata Masiteng: 084 514 1572

Pastor Kim Rowe - Rowe: 072 386 7630

Harry Jolliffe: 082 403 9106

Nisha Hansraj: 063 147 6414

Ghadija Vanker: 083 785 2040

Luck Magadu C/O Bearing Man Group: 083 477 6716 /073 701 3399

 Riash Ganga: 072 574 0575

Dayalan Pillay: 084 409 1501

Claudine Smith: 073 279 3732 / 031 569 6808 SWE logistics

Thabethe Buyane: 079 955 4356 (Hawks)

Carolyn Herbst: 079 516 2284

Owen Shaw ex DHL: 082 907 2308

Prof Randeree: 082 775 7862

Liana Grobler: 083 235 5464

Ben Smith: 072 961 9190

Ebrahim Khan: 082 325 7360

Jothi Chirkoot: 083 262 6944

Anthony Coetzee: 072 222 0837

Verushka Kambaran: 082 337 4833

Shiraz Randeree: 082 068 5400

Jacky Erasmus: 083 629 8278 / 031 903 6826

Lee van Niekerk: 082 510 8029

Marlene: 076 823 2111

Rrette Steyn: 083 984 6171

Constance Mkhize: 078 382 7666

Jess Davies: 082 825 4845

Natasha: 072 025 2640

Peter Perkins: 082 893 0447

Eleanor: 084 580 3406

Candida Scott: 074 637 3038

Elaine Mc Nally: 073 1505702

Marian: 073 2183314

Mohamed Nur Rantlace: 083 3300786



Thursday, 27 October 2016 14:00

Contact us

Unit 21 Harbour Vw Hights, Timeball Blvrd, Point Waterfront, Durban Kwazulu-Natal                                                                      

Tel: 031 332 3667

Mobile 1: 083 786 57 64 / 9

Mobile 2: 078 810 6138

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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